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Buying a used car can be risky. How do you know what you're getting?

- hidden accident damage?
- false odometer readings?
- flood damage?
- lemon?

Truth is, all you need to avoid these risks is check VIN number details. A car's unique Vehicle Identification Number is the key to unlocking its history.

About a Vin Number Check
A Vehicle History Report, powered by Check VIN Number, gives you all the facts you need to make the right used car buying decision. VIN numbers and odometer history readings. Registration history. Major accident records. Now it's easy to avoid a junk car. Reveal the full history of any car. Instantly!



Check VIN number online and avoid a lemon

Buying a car "as is" with no warranty is a big gamble with your money. First of all, remember that whatever a dealer or car salesman promises you, if it's not in the contract or you buy the car "as is", you are out of luck. State laws generally favor used car dealers and their deceptive sales practices. The complexity of the law gives the dealer the advantage. Below are some tips to avoid buying a lemon car.

The Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Buyers Guide: By Federal Law, this must be displayed in every used car prominently. The Buyers Guide will tell you if the dealer is offering a written warranty on the car.

The FTC Used Car Rule specifies that it is deceptive for a used car dealer to:

  • Misrepresent the mechanical condition of a used vehicle.

  • Misrepresent the terms of any warranty offered in connection with the sale of a used vehicle.

  • Represent that a used vehicle is being sold with a warranty when the vehicle is being sold without a warranty.

Where warranties are given, they often differ, depending on the seller. Whatever the warranty, make sure it is understandable and in writing before buying the car. The warranty should spell out the parts and labor guaranteed, the length of coverage, and a deductible charge for warranty service (if any). If the used car is a recent model, the original manufacturer's warranty may still be in effect.

Many used cars come without any warranties at all. These cars may be sold "as is" or "with faults," as long as this is fully disclosed in the FTC Buyers Guide. These cars are more often than not problem cars that may not last more than a few weeks off the lot. Be sure to check vin number details and also do a thorough mechanical overview of any "as is" car before buying.

Used car or dealer warranties: The best time to negotiate for a used car warranty is after you have agreed on a price for the car. If you try to get a salesperson to come up with a warranty before a price for the car is set, you will pay a higher price for the car.

Buying a car "as is ": If no written warranty is offered, the Buyers Guide tells you that the dealer assumes no responsibility for repairs and that you will pay all costs for any needed repairs. Usually, the dealer has no further responsibility for a car sold "as is" once the sale is complete and you drive off the lot.

If, during negotiations, the seller or dealer makes any promises about repairing problems with the vehicle, add each of these promises to the written contract. If the contract is silent about these items or describes the sale "as is," you will have a very difficult time enforcing the seller's oral promises later.

Implied Warranties: An implied warranty is an unwritten warranty of fitness. The principle of "implied" warranties is that any car you buy can be safely purchased on the assumption that it is roadworthy and will perform for a reasonable amount of time without undue expense or trouble on your part. The implied warranty may be denied by the seller, however, when you buy a car "as is. "

Know beforehand what the total cost will be, including price, down payments, the interest rate and monthly payments.

Most state's Lemon Laws only apply to new cars still covered by the manufacturer's original warranty; most used car buyers are not protected so beware. Check vin number details for any car you decide you buy. This simple car check can reduce the risk of buying a lemon almost entirely.

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