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Get a used car VIN number check online and avoid buying a salvaged vehicle or a junk lemon car
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Buying a used car can be risky. How do you know what you're getting?

- hidden accident damage?
- false odometer readings?
- flood damage?
- lemon?

Truth is, all you need to avoid these risks is a car VIN number check. A car's unique Vehicle Identification Number is the key to unlocking its history.

A car VIN number check can find
Odometer Rollback - If a more recent odometer reading is less than an older reading, then the odometer may have been "rolled back."

Rebuilt/Reconstructed Title - A Rebuilt/Reconstructed vehicle is a salvage vehicle that has been repaired and restored to operation. These vehicles are often severely damaged before they are rebuilt and refurbished parts are typically used during reconstruction.

Rental - Vehicle was registered by a rental agency.

Taxi - Vehicle was registered as a taxi or "for hire" vehicle.

Manufacturer Recall - Automobile manufacturers issue recall notices to inform owners of car defects that have come to the manufacturer's attention.

Loss Due To Fire Title - The vehicle sustained major damage due to fire.

Hail Damage Title - The vehicle sustained major damage due to hail.




A car vin number check can help you negotiate a better deal on a used car purchase

Ever wonder how you can get some inside information on a car so you have more room room for negotiations? Now you can with a car vin number check. This section offers suggestions and tips to help you in the used car buying process.

Maximize the advantages of buying a used car while at the same time minimizing your risks. By knowing the history of a car, you become more informed about the purchase.

Before you begin your search for a good deal on a used car, spend time considering many of the same factors that would apply to a used car purchase: how will you use the vehicle; how long do you plan to keep it; and your budget for the purchase, including insurance, operation, maintenance and repair costs.

A free car vin number check can save you money and hassle by showing how many records a car has listed. A more comprehensive car report will reveal a used vehicle's total history, including a salvage title, DMV information, odometer changes, accidents and other major damage, recalls, insurance claims and more.

You might also ask friends and coworkers about a good place to find a reliable car. Do they happen to now an honest dealer with a good reputation. They are surprisingly hard to find. Others might also be able to tell you more about their car vin number check experiences.

Also ask about the specific car you are looking to buy. Test drive several to get a feel for the typical performance. Compare car vin number checks to see the odometer miles and number of records they usually have. The fewer the records does not mean it's better - it does mean there have been fewer owners and events happening to the car.

Check auto and consumer magazines with records of various models. The annual Consumer Reports Guide to Used Cars can be particularly helpful in pointing out potential repair problems and defects. Some car model have poor reliability ratings. It's always good to find out just how reliable a used car will be before buying it.

Find out if a particular vehicle has ever been recalled for safety defects by calling the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) toll-free hotline (1-800-424-9393).

It is also recommended that you review insurance rates with your agent when selecting a car. Some cars cost more to insure than others. This can be a deciding factor effecting the total monthly cost of a particular vehicle. A car vin number check will tell you if there are any insurance claims currently on the car.

For many transactions, bargaining is still part of the process. Bargaining can be exhausting and time consuming. Many sellers, especially dealers, will try to convince you that the car you are looking at is "the best one you can find at that price." You should be sure confident that the car is worth the asking price not because the dealer says so.

It's wise to always have a back-up choice for a car to buy when visiting a dealer. This way you can walk away more easily. If you have no other cars lined up, then you will be fighting against your own desire to get the car since it's the only one you found that you like.

Remember, a car VIN number check is a good first step to take when reviewing a car for possible purchase.

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